An Interview with Dave Moor

DavidDave Moor is Alliance Performance Manager with the M1 Corridor Gas Alliance, a partnership formed between National Grid and AMEC in 2004. In 2009, Dave studied a foundation Lean Six Sigma course (Yellow Belt) with SigmaPro, and has since used the Lean Six Sigma methods and tools to help structure the newly introduced Continuous Improvement process within the organisation, in particular helping to clearly define the business case. "We've found that the simple tools have been most useful in our environment" says Dave, "and Lean Six Sigma methods have helped us to make more informed decisions within our CI process".

The Alliance concept was created to achieve a "Step Change" in performance in the way National Grid delivers its 30 year gas mains replacement programme. The M1 Corridor Gas Alliance commenced its operations in April 2005, and this contract provided a real opportunity for both AMEC and National Grid to create the optimum vehicle for refurbishment of some 450km of gas mains over a minimum period of eight years.

SigmaPro talked to Dave to find out more about him and his role within the Alliance

What does your job entail?

"With many jobs, and especially in the Alliance environment, you can find that you wear many caps and my job can be both diverse and rewarding, involving focused and driven teams or individuals.

Key focus areas are: Customer Management, KPI Management, M1CGA Strategy Management, Project Team Communication, Stakeholder Management and finally the responsibility to manage, programme and facilitate the Alliance Project Improvement and trial process."

How did you get into this job?

How"Good question, I have made kitchens, worked in a timber yard, fixed hire equipment and worked in a cash and carry but in 1993 I started a role with a 1st tier Automotive supplier called Faurecia building car seats, it was here that I was introduced to the concept of Quality. I ended up as a shift leader in quality, my interest grew and I developed new skills surrounding Engineering change and Quality/Continuous Improvement techniques.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to join AMEC in 2001. At AMEC we were attempting to apply the same manufacturing ethos to a construction based environment. In the construction industry the culture is a little different, and it's harder to reduce waste, but things are changing. It's certainly a challenge! These experiences gave me the appetite to further expand my knowledge of management methodologies and systems, understand the important people factor but also the need to not be afraid to make mistakes."

What was your first job?

"I started off my full time working life working as a Service Engineer in a small Hire shop. This involved servicing and maintaining small domestic plant and equipment."

What did you study at school/university?

"School was always a case of "If he applied himself he could do better" and unfortunately my local cafe saw a lot of me in my Sixth Form days so no dreams of university but I redeemed myself slightly in Sixth Form with Qualifications in Sociology, Law, Maths and English. I have since taken many internal courses and a BTEC in Management Studies."

What do you most like about your job?

"As described earlier my role is diverse and integrated into so many other parts of the business which I find interesting and challenging. To come away from a meeting or discussion with others and to know that I have helped them better understand an issue, solve a problem or develop new knowledge makes my job worthwhile."

What do you like least about your job?

I am probably the worst when it comes to my own time management; ask me to help someone else plan an Improvement Project then no problem! The one element I dislike about the job is the pace and keeping up with all of it. Having spent nearly 9 years in AMEC the last year is the first time spent in an operational environment so the fast moving pace has been the hardest thing to master."

Has the recession affected you?

"Currently the recession has not affected our project or myself"

What are your plans going forward?

"To be successful in my current role is my main ambition; my long term aspiration is to help our Alliance win its extension in 2 years time so the next 5 years will be mapped out."


Where do you live?

"I live in a small market town called Wantage which resides in the Vale of the White Horse and as the name suggests we are surrounded by beautiful countryside and historical areas of natural beauty but ideally located for the major commuting routes in and around Oxfordshire."

What do you do to relax?

"To relax, well if there was an app for it I would like to have it on my iphone, but I enjoy my precious time with my children. I used to play Rugby, but age and increasing injuries stopped that, so now I watch as much rugby as I can at London Irish or on TV and enjoy socialising with friends."

Significant other?

"I have 3 daughters, Emily-Mai, Abigail and Olivia. Emily-mai is 10, and the other 2 are twins, both 4."

Who's been most influential in your life?

"So many people have been inspirational, friends, colleagues and obviously individuals in the public eye so I don't think I can single out one person."

Favourite place?

"I could safely say my favourite place is absolutely anywhere my children are but geographically my home county of Dorset, especially the coast, the beaches, scenery and calmness, is something I also love."

Favourite food?

"A great spaghetti Bolognese or a good old Sunday roast pork with all the family."

Best moment in your life?

"Easy, the birth of my first beautiful daughter Emily-mai in 2000 and then the birth of my identical twin daughters in 2006."

Worst moment in your life?

"My daughter being ill when she was 4 was a difficult time. Professionally, very occasionally, there are fatalities in areas of industry similar to our own and these incidents focus your mind on how important safety must always be."

Most suprising fact about yourself?

"I was a part time policeman for 5 years, or Special Constable. I did once arrest a drunk driving jockey, who literally fell out of the car when I approached him!"

Dave, thanks for your time and we wish you and The Alliance all the best for the future.

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